Chef/Owner of The Pandering Pig Restaurant in Northern Manhattan, Nicole O'Brien, grew up in the vast and delightful culinary wonderland of Northern Califonia. James Beard and Julia Child cookbooks were staples in her household along with siblings and parents who delighted in nightly creations with ingredients pulled from the local harvest in the spirit of Alice Waters. With this background in tow, Nicole pursued a life in the arts. After years of stage creation, she took like a duck to water, channeling all of her history into the world of culinary creation. Nicole has recently launched Mother Wit, her product line pulled from the the popular creations at The Pandering Pig. She is pleased as punch to begin her launch with Organic Cluckity Chicken Bone Broth, a staple she has made for years and one which she serves to raves and love at ‘The Pig’ nightly.